Winterfest Rooming

Here is the rooming list for Winterfest!  We had to be creative – especially with the guys!  We talked about this at the Rooming Bonanza last Wednesday night.  While there are couches and you can put 3 in a King size bed, I just don’t want anyone to be surprised.  Room 411 has 3 bedrooms and Room 206 has a pullout couch – the numbers below reflect that.


  • Room 411 – 3 guys will need to bring blanket/sleeping bags
  • Room 102 – 2 guys
  • Room 206 – 2 Guys
  • Room 211 – 1 girl
  • Room 207 – 1 girl

RWF2015 Rooming List




All You Should Need to Know About Winterfest

OK – so contrary to the title, I may have missed something! So (after reading this) call me or post the question below in the comments if you need to – It might help the rest of the group!





Teen-Parent Winterfest 2015 Info Page – download this

We will have a Pre-Winterfest Devo tomorrow night…they are actually using the BASIC series we’ve been studying so we will go back to FOLLOW for the evening to help us get in tune with the speakers this weekend!  See you at Youth Group tomorrow night!

Pizza, Caroling, & a Movie POSTPONED and changed to Pizza, Game Night , & a Movie

As of  this afternoon (10/20/14 @ 1:30 pm ) – we only have 9 people signed up for this event.  It seems that this is a very busy time of year for everyone.  In addition, we have several families who have had the flu and other illnesses.  We will postpone Pizza, Caroling & a Movie to NEXT SUNDAY, December 28, 5-8 PM - but it will now be called Pizza, Game Night, & a Movie.

If you already signed up, I’m sorry, I need you to sign up AGAIN  (We will still vote for a Christmas movie and your vote will count twice).  MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP BY SATURDAY MORNING, December 27.

Bring your favorite board games, etc and we will just hang out together and have fun.  We will still have pizza courtesy of our Volleyball Champions.  We will still watch a Christmas movie (make sure you vote when you sign up).  We will NOT carol but will have a game night.  (We will probably do a large group game to start off or finish up).


Cooks Night Out – special project

Eagle Scout project for Peyton Buehrer – all you have to do is eat pizza!

You are invited to a Cook’s night out tomorrow night December 3.  Come and enjoy pizza, salad and dessert to raise money for Peyton Buehrer’s Eagle Scout project.  Peyton is putting in a fire pit and 3 permanent benches at the teen house that the youth and the entire church will be able to enjoy for years to come.  He will be 18 in January and will have to get this project done next weekend.  He needs your help raising the money for the project.  Any extra money will be used to mulch and make the area more friendly for larger groups or to add benches later on.  A donation of 3$ is requested but extra would be appreciated.  Our goal is to raise $300.