Summer Intern 2017

We’re excited to announce that Garrett Bender will be joining us for the Summer of 2017!  Garrett comes from Lewisville Texas. He recently graduated from Harding University with a degree in Bible and Ministry. In late August, Garrett will leave for China where he will work the China Now.  You can contact Garrett at   You can also find him on Facebook and Instagram.

He knows a lot of people from Lafayette and is eager to get started! Garrett will begin his duties with Lafayette on May 1. He will be staying with the Crowns who have graciously offered their home once again for the summer.

As an extra bonus- he has arranged his current work schedule to come to Winterfest with us so he can get a head start on getting to know the group!

We are still looking for a female intern…in addition, if you are willing to host a female intern for some or all of the summer, please let Mike know.

Candy Drive

We all need a little incentive to do our homework right? Did you know that Lafayette sponsors 2 tutoring programs – here at our own facility and at the North City Church facility. We’ve been asked to help provide candy for treat bags to be given for intensives.  If you can bring your candy to the EPICenter by Sunday, February 12 that would be great!

Kyle and Laci will be packaging it up that afternoon.  If you have a break from LTC practicing, they could definitely use some help!

LTC – Update 1.7.17

Our signups for LTC are not complete. It makes it difficult to plan practices and form teams (puppets, drama, etc) if we do not know who is planning to participate. Because of this and a schedule conflict, there will be no LTC practice tomorrow, Jan 8.

With that in mind, PLEASE take the time now to get registered (CLICK HERE FOR INFO) and bring your $40 payment tomorrow and give to Kara Limburg (or Mike). Thank you for your help in making LTC AWESOME!




Winterfest 2017 Cost & Sign up Information

Click here to READ the Winterfest Information before you sign up.

Except for a mission trip, Winterfest is one of our most costly events. Ask anyone who has gone and you will get a resounding “It’s worth it!”  If the cost is prohibitive, please let Mike know and we will see what we can do.

Please read all of this for some very important info on signing up.


The cost for Winterfest is $160 per person. That includes Winterfest Registration, Lodging, and Professional Bus Transportation. Save $10 (total of $150) if you pay in full by January 8.


Medical Release & Information Form

Every year we need to renew the Medical Release & Info Form.  Please download it, fill it out, and turn in with your Winterfest payment.


As always, cash or check is accepted.  Please put in an Event Envelope and give to Mike.

We need some “beta testers” for paying with credit card.

Payment Options

  • Pay IN FULL by Jan 8 – $150 (cash, check, or credit card – see below)
  • Pay Deposit of $80 ASAP (to guarantee a spot) (cash, check, or credit card – see below)
    • Final balance of $80 due by February 5


Signing up

You will click below to sign up.  BEFORE you click – keep reading.

We are slowly rolling out a new Church Management System.  We will be able to collect forms and payments.  Winterfest will be our first test event.

You will sign up by putting your name in the form.  The email is required for a confirmation email. Nothing else is required.

IF YOU CAN SCAN or have digital signature, after you’ve downloaded it, you can fill out the Medical Release & Info Form and upload it as well.


There are several options for payment.

  • Pay in full ($150) with a credit card.
  • Pay a deposit of $80 with a credit card and then by Feb 5 pay balance of $80 with cash or check.
  • Pay $150 by cash or check by Jan 8. (no credit card info required).

Regardless of paying with credit card or cash/check, you still need to fill out the form (just like the Google Forms we normally use).





Winterfest 2017 Information

Click here for cost and payment information


February 17-19, 2017


  • ADULT CHAPERONES – please be at the building at 5 AM
  • TEENS – Be at the building between 5 and 5:15 AM Friday morning—we will load the bus at 5:15 (Seniors, Juniors, etc.)
      • Make sure you’ve eaten or have your breakfast with you!
      • PUT YOUR OWN LUGGAGE IN THE CARGO BAY (below the bus)- keep your carry on items – including MEAL MONEY for stops. Take your pillows, money and anything you will need for the trip with you on the bus and go inside the building.
      • Use the bathroom before you get on the van
    • We should be back by around 9 PM on Sunday night.
      • We will have students call parents when we are 3-4 hours away in Paducah.
      • Our adults have to get home so they can go to work the next morning, please try to
        be aware of return times posted on twitter or text messages so everyone can get on home. Unless we hit unexpected traffic or weather, we are usually with 10-15 minutes of projected times 4 hours out.
      • Students will not be dismissed until the bus is cleaned out and Mike & the driver give the OK—parents please help us with this.

Communication – Parents can keep up to date on any changes, etc.

Continue reading “Winterfest 2017 Information”

Christmas Break Fun and Game Night

bedtime-2Next Wednesday, December 28, the Sr. High is invited to the Ruckmans for a night of fun and games.  Everything starts at 5:30 pm. Sandwiches will be served. I (Mike) am bringing chips.  We need you to bring a dessert (or snack) and a 2-liter. If you have a game you want to share, bring that too.

CLICK HERE for a map to the Ruckmans.  Please sign up below!!!