Thursday Throwdown #4 – Inside Out -7/2/15

Disney-Pixar-Inside-Out-Movie-PosterSo this is the summer of movies!  We’ve heard your demands for Inside Out!

We will be attending the Noon showing at AMC Chesterfield 14 at the Chesterfield Mall this Thursday, July 2. You can either drive/ be dropped off outside the theater at noon, or you can sign-up to meet at the building by 11:15 am to ride over in the van. Pick-up at the theater will be at about 2pm, and at the church building at 2:30 pm. Tickets are only $6- we will not eat together as a group before so make sure you eat before you come of bring money for snacks

Parents: This movie is PG – Check out the Review Here.  Sign up to go below!


Thursday Throwdown #3- Jurassic World- 6/18/15

The rain and everyone’s intense desire to see dinosaurs duke it out on the big screen have combined into switching our Thursday Throwdown from going to the zoo to see real animals to going to the theater to see genetically enhanced dinosaurs. We will be attending the 11:15 showing at AMC Chesterfield 14 at the Chesterfield Mall. You can either drive/ be dropped off outside the theater at 11am, or you can sign-up to meet at the building by 1030am to ride over in the van. Pick-up at the theater will be at 130pm, and at the church building at 2pm. Tickets are only $6- we will not eat together as a group afterwards so come with a full belly or with money to buy food at the theater.

Parents: This movie is PG-13. The following website provides specific info as to why it’s rated PG-13, so check it out and make the personal decision as to whether it is appropriate for your child to see it tomorrow. Review Here.  Sign up to go below!


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Thursday Throwdown #2- Bowling- 6/11/15

This Thursday we will be putting our extreme bowling talents to the test. We will convene at West County Lanes at 9:45am to lace up our shoes (please bring SOCKS) and begin bowling promptly at 10am until noon. The alley is giving us a great deal, so 2 hours of bowling, shoes, and a drink will be included for the low price of $10. “Wow, that’s a low price!!!” Bring any additional money you may desire to spend on cheese fries, arcades, etc. We will not be eating lunch as a group. If anyone gets a higher score than Austin Gray, they will receive a special bonus prize from the interns.

Abridged version: 15727 Manchester Road Ellisville, MO. Drop-off: 9:45am. Pick-up: noon. Bare minimum $10. Wear socks.


Sports Infusion – Harding University

Jason White from Harding University will be hosting us at Sports Fusion in Chesterfield next Wednesday, June 3.  Meet at the building by 9:15 AM.  Jason is taking care of the entrance fee to Sports Fusion.  You will need money for lunch at a fast food place afterward also if you want snacks, etc while we are at Sports Fusion.  We should return by no later than 1 PM.

Please sign up and indicate if you need a ride or if you will meet us there by 10 AM.  You need to sign up by Monday, June 1.


iParent Graphic.001

iParent – Parenting a Generation That Thinks “i” Shouldn’t be Capitalized

Chances are if you are a parent of a teen or pre-teen today, your first cell phone came sometime in your late 20s or early 30s. Your first email address had AOL after it. And you might remember what it was like to have to heat leftovers on the stove instead of a microwave.

Every generation of parents has had to deal with subtle changes in culture and the inevitable generation gap. However, there has never been a time in history when culture and technology has changed so rapidly. As parents, we are raising the first generation of children who have never known life without a personal screen of some kind.

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Thursday Throwdown #1- Game Day

This coming Thursday, May 28th, we will have our first Thursday Throwdown of the summer! We will have an event as a youth group nearly every Thursday of the summer ranging from movie watching to museum visiting to the zoo to game days at the church. If you have an idea for one of these Thursdays, let Bailey, Kyle, or Mike know!

We are keeping our first TT simple with a game/board game/card game day up at the church building! We will meet at the building at 9:30am and finish at 1:00pm. Please bring any games you may want to play and also bring your own lunch to eat with the group! We will have a microwave available to heat up any food you may need to. This is also a very good, low-key event to invite a friend to! See you all there.

Harding Night at the Ballpark

Harding Baseball Game.001

Harding Night at Busch Stadium

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Brewers

Sr. High – if you’re not going with your parents, you can join the youth group.  Meet at the building at 4 PM.  We will take the church van to the game.

Cost is $18 per person and includes transportation, parking, ticket price, food voucher and reception. This is a special ticket package, and seats are limited.