LTC 2018 Celebration

2018-LTC-logoLTC 2018 is in the history books! We had an awesome year of learning, practicing together, and participating in the presentations in Indianapolis last weekend. We are not quite done yet. Sunday, April 15 at noon (please note this is different from past Celebrations), we will celebrate together in the Fellowship Hall. We will share in a meal and present the awards to our participants.  Families of all participants are invited. There is no charge but you are asked to RSVP BY APRIL 8 so we know how much food to provide.

As we all know, Leadership is Servantship – We can put our leadership skills into practice immediately following – We need everyone (parents AND teens) to plan on helping with a quick clean up.

CLICK HERE to sign up now – just one entry per family is necessary.


You can share up to 10 pics when you sign up but if you have more or need to share some other time, please upload them here

OR if you use Google Photos share your pics with – or go directly to the LTC 2018 Google Photo Album



LTC Practice & Dress Rehearsal Announcement

Most of this information below was shared in an email to all students and parents who registered their email address when you signed up for LTC 2018. There is a litte more NEW information – it is highlighted in RED.


We wanted to get the word out about the next two weeks of dress rehearsals and practice for LTC. We understand school obligations and the Spring Break conflict but your absence affects the whole group so please make every effort to finish strong and be at practice

Sunday, March 18

Regular Practice

Wednesday, March 21

6:30-8:00 PM – talk to your coach to see if you’ll need costumes

Sunday, March 25

8:45 – ARRIVE at church BEFORE THIS TIME…we need to know you’re there and ready to go when worship starts!!!

***make sure you bring all props and costumes

*If you would like to view an Order of Worship for LTC Sunday, please CLICK HERE.

Regular Practice AFTER worship, eat lunch and we will get started. We will have a regular practice – we will most likely be done early. (Depending on how everyone does during the worship service, there may not be a need for practice. Parents, please do not leave your child until you have confirmed with their coaches).

Wednesday, March 28

6:00-8:00 PM – This is our FINAL Practice – All costumes and props are needed. Please make every effort to be at this final practice.

Kara will be sending more details on times and what you will need to do when you get to Indy.

PARENT SIGN-UPS – LTC needs your help

LTC depends upon many volunteers. Many coordinators and board members spend many hours to prepare for LTC weekend. With all the major details taken care of before we arrive, there are many jobs left that do not require pre-preparation but are vital nonetheless. Lafayette parents have the potential to make a significant dent in the needs the conference has. Simply taking one or two slots will be a huge help to the coordinators. Please consider signing up as soon as you can so the coordinators can focus on more important matters. CLICK HERE for LTC sign-ups. HELPFUL HINT: as of right now, there are still many easy tasks left to do – I’m sure they will not last. Make sure you click all of the different tabs at the top for different times. (update: I mostly see Lafayette names on there!  Thank you Charles, Karen, Kim, Sherri, Kara, and Rich)

I have copied all of the final schedules and other vital conference information and put them in one PDF – CLICK HERE – to see the final schedules. You can then coordinate your volunteer opportunities.

  • NOTE: If you volunteer as a Door Monitor – you may be assigned on the outside of the door). 
  • This schedule and information is specific to Lafayette attendees, there are other events not included on the individual pages.
  • All Lafayette participant info and locations as well as important notes on the firsts two Info Pages have been highlighted.

TRAVEL – As you prepare your travel plans, remember a couple of things:

  • Indianapolis is on Eastern Daylight Time (which means they are an hour ahead of us)
  • The Closing Assembly may include your team, please do not plan on leaving before it is over at 6:15 (5:15 our time). 

Harding Visit – Incredible Pizza


Jason White from Harding University will be visiting on Saturday, March 17. Jason (and Harding University) has invited us to join him at Incredible Pizza!  In addition to paying for your (late) lunch buffet, Jason will provide each student with a $5 game card for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors!  You MUST sign up.

8th & 9th grade are invited but you need to bring $10 (depending on his numbers, he may be able to cover you!). We appreciate Harding and Jason stopping by this spring!  Make sure you are signed up by Wednesday, March 14.

PLEASE NOTE: you are only being provided a $5 game card so you may want to bring a little more to add on to that!


We will leave the Lafayette parking lot by 1:30 (I will be there by 1:15 pm). We should return by 4:45 (we will text on our way back).

There is only room for 14 in the church van so you MUST sign up to make sure you have a seat!

Parents may attend (and are encouraged to) but are responsible for your own meal and game cards.



Bible Quiz Update

There is another opportunity for students participating in the Bible Quiz challenge to get together this Wednesday evening (3/7). For those able to attend, we will gather in middle school room like we did last week. 

Please bring your binders – we will use them to work through the questions and answers.  

I know not all students check their emails regularly, please forward to them and spread the word.  
They should also be just about complete with the reading of the 1st Samuel.   They have a few more days to work through the questions and answers.   I need a photo of their self-assessment by THIS Sunday (3/11) in text or email.  I have talked to them individually about this so they know about it but they probably need a reminder.   
Thank you – Shawn

LTC – Bible Quiz Update

Please note the following information from Shawn Stone about LTC Bible Quiz:

Hello parents and Bible quiz participants, 

We should now be in the 4th week of the reading of 1st Samuel…Chapters 13-16 (If they are using the schedule I suggested).    
Parents, if they are not on track, please encourage them to continue their reading. 
We will be gathering as a group on Sunday afternoon, 2/25,   Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. 2/28  and again on Wednesday, 3/7 at 6:00 p.m.  The Sunday time will be a little flexible based on the other LTC activities.   I also understand that Wednesday evenings that early are difficult for some with work so just do what you can.  
During the 2/25 gathering, I will hand out a Q&A guide they can begin to self-pace completing.   They need to be turned in to me by March 11th, Sunday morning.
If you want to help them get a head start….go to this link as there are coach/mentor guides you can use.  Thanks.
Please note:  there still seems to be confusion with some parents on Bible Bowl vs Bible Quiz based on texts and emails being passed.   We are not coaching the Bible Bowl.  If a participant desires to do the Bible Bowl(and we have several who are), that is great but it is self-directed by the parent and participant.   Bible Bowl questions and answers can be found on the MWLTC site.     
We are doing the Bible Quiz challenge and also changing the format slightly for our needs.   

WINTERFEST 2018 – Update 2/12/18

All the info you need for Winterfest this weekend you should be able to find in this post or the original one (linked below).

Here are important notes and links – also located at the bottom of the post is the link to the original post with all the rules, to bring lists, etc.

  • School Letter – not all schools require one but just in case.
  • See original post for text info (parents and students)
  • Students load the bus at 4:45 am Friday morning.
  • CLICK HERE for the Trip Website – information will be updated live
    • Rooming List (updated on Thursday 2/15 by 5 PM)
    • Schedule – up-to-date
    • Gatlinburg Google Map

CLICK HERE for Original Winterfest Information


  • What to Bring list
  • Earphone rules
  • Parent & Student Remind list