WARNING!!! PLANS HAVE CHANGED DUE TO THUNDERSTORMS!!! Instead of going to the zoo, we will be staying at the EPICenter and watching Big Hero 6. Also we are providing cokkies, but eat dinner before you come or else you will starve. We are going to be starting this shindig at 6 and ending at 8:30. The only thing you need to bring is yourself and your great attitude towards life.


  • Who: Teen Epic Teens
  • What: Movie Night (Big Hero 6) and Cookies
  • When: 7/27/2017 (tomorrow) from 6-8:30 PM
  • Where: EPICenter
  • What to bring: Yourself




ThrowDown Thursday Mario Kart TOURNAMENT


Due to the sweltering heat, ThrowDown Thursday will be a lit day at the EPICenter. Today’s (7/13/17) Throwdown Thursday will begin at 3 and end at 5:30. The plan is to grill hamburgers and hotdogs and to play a riveting Mario Kart Tournament. The only thing you need to bring is yourself and a great attitude that is prepared to be demolished in Mario Kart. And best of all, it’s free!!!!!


  • Who: All teenEPIC teens
  • What: Mario Kart Tournament and Grilling
  • When: 7/13/17 from 3-5:30
  • Where: EPICenter
  • What to Bring: Yourself
  • How Much: FREE


Thursday Throwdown: Midsummer McKnight Mix ‘n Mingle Mania

Time to cook some pizza and mix ‘n mingle with our McKnight friends. We will do a pizza cook off and various other games and activities at their church. Van leaves here at 11:30 and we will return by 3:30 for pick up. If you’re driving yourself, please let Kelsey/Dane know in the comments. Be sure to sign up below so we can have a count!