Honduras Team Goals

  • Be Jesus to all we come into contact with.
  • Serve one another and the people of Honduras.
  • Give parents (or accompanying adults) and teens a unique opportunity to work together serving others.
  • Give teens (and adults) life experiences they cannot find anywhere else.
  • Mentor teens in learning to build houses and other activities.
  • Provide opportunities of Christian fellowship and mentoring with and among teens and Honduran families.
  • Provide material blessings (clothing, food, medicine, homes) for people who cannot do for themselves.
  • Bless, encourage and support local evangelists and missionaries anyway we can.
  • Develop relationships with Honduran families and missionaries.


  • Be one of the first 25
  • Fill out and turn in – 2017 Honduras Application
  • A $200 deposit reserves your plane ticket. (this is due by ASAP, 1st Pay, 1st Go)
  • Color copy of Passport (you can scan or take a GOOD picture and e-mail to mike@teenepic.org– or bring to office and we can scan it for you) – Make sure your passport is good through February of 2018.  DUE ASAP



Group is limited to 25 People.

All teenEPIC teens and parents are eligible to go with the following conditions:

  • high (current 8th– 9th grade -14-15  yrs old) MUST be accompanied by a parent or an approved, appropriate surrogate.
  • high (current 10th– 12th) – parents are strongly encouraged to experience this with your teen. If that is not possible anyone under 18 MUST be “adopted” by an adult of the same gender. No adult may be responsible for more than 1 Sr. high teen.
  • Youth group member over 18 – can participate. However, parents must still sign a release and waiver through age 21. “Teen” must meet with Mike in Spring of 2017.
  • teenEPIC members must be prepared to be an active part of the youth group throughout the year. Participating in regular youth group activities including regular Bible classes and other activities. Your continued spiritual growth, faith and trust in God is vital to the success of this mission.
  • Age guidelines are for the good of the group AND the individuals. Exceptions are rare but may be made at the sole discretion of the group leader.

Others eligible

  • Lafayette members
  • College students must apply and will be chosen by the team leaders. College students will be expected to work with the teens as a volunteer throughout the summer.

Others as approved by Leadership (invite your friends!)  Contact Mike for more info.